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We create a good indoor climate
and save energy

Since 1969, we have specialised in developing and manufacturing energy efficient air handling units. Today, we are the market leader and have the fastest rate of development in the industry.

By thinking innovatively and sustainably, we create indoor climates that make people feel good at the same time as conserving the Earth's resources. We can meet most needs with a number of flexible product ranges. Today our air handling units are used in thousands of schools, workplaces, hospitals, sports arenas and homes across Europe.


We think outside the box!

IV Produkt is a privately-owned company based in Växjö in the Swedish county of Småland that develops and manufactures innovative solutions for air handling. We have been doing this since 1969. We are market-leaders in the development and production of air handling units. This position was achieved by having the highest rate of development in our industry.

We offer high quality and innovative products that make it possible to recover energy and create a good indoor climate. This has been our philosophy for many years, and has created great success for us with an average growth of 12% over the last ten years.

Our focus on life cycle cost (LCC) permeates the entire operation, from product development to sales. This is a natural part of our development work. The goal is clear. Our products will give you, the customer, the lowest total cost for purchase, operation and service. Optimised life cycle costs also create a higher property value. It ultimately all centres around a need to protect the environment and the Earth’s resources together.

With our complete range of products and the long experience we have accrued, we can find air handling solutions that satisfy most needs. We are happy to share our knowledge and aim to make it easy and comfortable for our customers to choose IV Produkt as their supplier.


​Long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers is important to us. It’s a way for us to sharpen our demands even further when developing new products and manufacturing processes. Our air handling units are tested and certified by Eurovent Certification, which provides an additional sense of security for our customers. An integral part of our quality and environmental work is that we are certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001.

The long-term approach is also clearly reflected in our investments. We have made significant investments in premises for our development laboratory, production, offices and a training centre. In order to streamline and increase capacity, we have installed the latest technology in production machinery.

At IV Produkt, we contribute to something for which we all bear a great responsibility – we conserve the Earth’s resources. This means that we work in a future-oriented industry and have an important mission.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!
Our business concept

IV Produkt develops, manufactures and sells environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient air handling units.

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